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Me at Work

Welcome to monitor world, I am your gracious host, Mike Babcock. I have been an audio engineer for 18 years, touring for the last 5. I love doing this and I don't see myself doing anything else. I pride myself on mixing monitors, either conventional wedges or in ears. I am comfortable on analog and digital consoles. Mixing monitors is not my only strength, I can also give you a solid mix every night at FOH. I understand line array theory, I understand music theory, and I understand the tools needed in order to build a mix properly. Whether you require me to be Mr Left and Right or Mr 20 Lefts and Rights, I can do it.

As a Production Manager, I worked for 12 years at one of the largest full service production companies in Florida in that position as well as several years of touring. Turn of the Century Productions introduced me to lighting, staging, rigging safety, roof structures, web design, crew management, manufacturing processes, as well as many other aspects of production.

With the current state of the world economy, I understand that times are tough for working artists. This is why I am proud to bring you a solution that can work into your budget. I can design a small touring monitor system that is easy to set up and run, plus offer training for the techs you already have on tour. Please contact me for more details.

Check out my resume and give me a call for your next tour.

You can't do a show without a Mike!!!

2008 Michael Babcock