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Welcome to monitor world, I am your gracious host, Mike Babcock. I am a respected music industry veteran with over 30 years in audio engineering and 15 years of touring. I have toured as Tour Manager, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Audio Technician, FOH Engineer, and of course as a Monitor Engineer

I have enjoyed a very steady career in the touring world. In recent months I have started to give back to the community that gave me so much. I have written the book called Surviving the Hot Seat: The guide to mixing monitors for touring bands. I did this because as someone who has worked for several production companies, there is no training on how to do monitors. It simply goes to the person with the least amount of seniority on the staff and met with a certain amount of degradation by the poor young audio guy who really wants to be at FOH. In the touring world this is not the case. The monitor engineer is one of the most important aspects of a show, and typically one of the more experienced people on tour. If the monitors aren't correct, the artist isn't happy, if the artist isn't happy, the entire show suffers. With that in mind, if the monitors are consistently good or great, that artist will not want to move on from that engineer.

I have a second book coming out soon about how to get a job in the music industry without being a musician. There will be more about it in the coming months

I will soon be available for one on one and group training seminars. My goal is to travel to various production companies and venues to train their younger engineers in the art of mixing monitors. This helps in many ways. First, it will take some of the bad feelings away from the position. Second, it gives training in one area where real training is not only a good thing, but necessary

Another service that I offer is to help younger, smaller touring acts with their IEM system. I will fly out to wherever you rehearse or your first show, configure and dial in your mixes and train you on how to operate that system to the best of its capabilities.

Hit the link for my email and let's make beautiful music together.

You can't do a show without a Mike!!!

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